From Nyord to Pension Elmehøj

Nyord Meadows
The meadows are a birdwatcher’s paradise, especially in spring. Ducks, geese and wading birds of all descriptions may be seen in the shallow waters and grasses here. Up in the bird watching tower is a view stretching far across the meadows to Møn. Almost every year the meadows are flooded with sea water. Cattle graze here, keeping the ground cover at a height that suits the ducks and wading birds.
Ulvshale Forest
The Ulvshale Forest is like no other Danish forest. The fallen trees, the rocky, rolling forest floor, the small ponds and the varied flora give the forest its own special atmosphere. To walk through it is like a fairytale. The forest grew up on top of banks of black flint nodules that washed up here all the way from Møns Klint (the Cliffs of Møn).
The beach
Ulvshale offers long, white sandy beaches. A dip in this salty blue will make a new person of you. 
The Church
Elmelunde Church is one of the oldest stone churches on Møn. Go in and look at the whimsical murals that are about the beginning of life, legends and everyday life in the 1400’s. They were painted by the Elmelunde master.

Lenght 20.5 kilometres

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