Møns Museum

The cosiest museum in the realm

The Møn Museum is the Camøno’s welcome centre. This is where you can begin your pilgrimage and learn a lot about the area you’re about to enter.


Cultural history – that’s us

You may not have visited a museum in a long time. But give this one a chance. At the Møn Museum you’ll find super-­local stories with quirky twists. Take your family or neighbour by the hand and see if paying us a visit isn’t at least as enjoyable as staying home and watching TV.


Crazy about the museum?

If you think that the museum is so cosy that you want to move in, unfortunately, that is not an option. But you can spend the night in the town shelter from 1st May to 31st August. Or hold your family gatherings or meetings with us. We would be delighted!

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