Hut 68

In the prime days of Holmegaard Glassworks the glassworkers were sweating near the warm pits in hut 68 while creating and blowing iconic glass. The hut now displays the meeting between traditions of 200 years of art-craftsmansship and the present, melting together as inspiring glass art. 

With a crew of skilled glassworkers from all of europe and in great collaborations with artists and designers, the glassworkers of Holmegaard today join the traditional and highly acknowledged Holmegaard history with new and innovative ideas. You can experience the result in the exhibition in Hut 68 where you also have the opportunity to experience the designs and works of the glassblowers of Holmegaard. All exhibited designs can be purchased in the museum shop. 

Displayed works by Bjørn Friborg, Jonas Noël Niedermann, Christine Bové, Peer Nielsen, Armel Desrues and Iben Kielberg.

Feel the heat of the warm pits

42.000 pieces of glass

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