Picasso - a tribute to ceramics

06.05.22 - 23.10.22

There is no doubt that Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) is best known for his pioneering paintings with motifs by i.a. women, war and love. But these won't be found at the upcoming special exhibition at Holmegaard Værk, which is scheduled to open in May 2022. Here, the museum has chosen to focus exclusively on Picasso as a craftsman and not as a painter.

"Picasso had an enormous desire to explore and play with new materials that could accommodate his creativity and stories. His ceramics are bursting with color, energy and surplus and testify to an enormous joy of life. With the exhibition we draw a portrait of Picasso as the playful and extremely creative person he was, "says museum director Thorbjørn Kolbo.

The exhibition contains approx. 50 ceramic works from the American Rosenbaum Collection, which has never before been exhibited in its entirety in Denmark. There was no doubt at all Picasso should set the tone for the coming years' major international special exhibitions at Holmegaard Værk.

"The Danish and contemporary parallel to Picasso's southern French escape is the Kähler workshops in Næstved, where great Danish artists over the years have created fantastic works. The Kähler collection lives today at Holmegaard Værk, and it is therefore natural for us to invite the ceramist Picasso inside as a long-awaited guest, "says Thorbjørn Kolbo.

Over the years, Picasso modeled and painted several thousand pieces of ceramics in parallel with his work as a painter, and the works on display at Holmegaard Værk cover the period from 1947 to the mid-1960s. This will not be a classic and traditional arrangement of the works. The museum will instead unfold the works based on their themes such as women, bullfighting and Greek antiquity and stage them in a new and unprecedented way.

"In this way, we will try to crawl right into Picasso's head and support his wild and experimental nature in our scenography. We want to encourage the audience to be creative themselves - they should feel like going directly into our creative workshops. and put our fingers in the wet clay. That's what we're here for," says the museum director.

The exhibition has the working title 'Picasso: A tribute to life' and runs in the period May - end October 2022.

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