July 15th 2021 – October 24th 2021

The installation EPICYCLE is created by architect Jacob Sebastian Bang and glass artist Maria Sparre-Petersen both teachers and researchers at The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation.

Bang and Sparre-Petersen have examined aesthetic possibilities of recycled glass donated for this project by Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS, Næstved.

The efforts have resulted in a series of spectacular circular glass objects of varying size that are now exhibited in the former glass production hall “Hytte 68”. The objects are installed in an asymmetrical composition on a rectangular field covered in glass shards. The concentrical circular forms – called Epicycles – are kept in nuances of white referencing the glass waste they were created from.

The project falls within the field called artistic research and constitutes a form experiment in the cross section between architecture and crafts, a sort of allegorical abstraction of a landscape or a Japanese Karesansui garden.

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