Jim Lyngvild - SOLO

Jim Lyngvild - SOLO: May 13th 2021 - December 31st 2021

Entrance to the exhibition is included in the all-round entrance ticket

Jim Lyngvild is craftsman and designer. He uses most of his waking hours to create. He photographs, forms, builds, sews, and draws. But he would never call himself an artist. Being an artist is not a thing you decide for yourself, he says. You can create a work, and then it is up to others to decide if it is art.

Lyngvild creates works that leave us breathless, arouse our feelings, and make us think. He provokes us, both with his works and with his statements. He is loved and certainly hated too. Jim Lyngvild challenges the conventional, creates blazing debates about art and culture, and he motivates to explore creativity. He exhibits in museums and galleries all over the country. All in all, he holds the qualities that characterize some of our greatest late and living creative minds. This is why we do not hesitate to call him an artist.

The exhibition is Jim Lyngvild's first solo exhibition. Earlier, he has made works for exhibitions of other artists. Not this time. Jim Lyngvild has thought, drawn and created what you are about to see. For the first time, he shows the full width of his work as designer and craftsman. And as an artist. The themes are from the world of faith – a universe near to his heart, personally and artistically.

It is with great pleasure and pride, that Holmegaard Værk presents Jim Lyngvild's exhibition. Holmegaard has always been an epicentre for creativity. In the Stone Age, where the countless finds from the bog testify to human innovation and creative power. And in modern times, where craftsmanship and design in perfect harmony create innovative glass design for the Danish homes. With 'SOLO' we write a new chapter in Holmegaard's long history with creative power and craftsmanship. Jim Lyngvild is a perfect example of a modern artist craftsman. He is the head, hand and heart in all of his works.

You can say whatever you like about Jim Lyngvild, but his is always down to earth, but not of this world.


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