Maria Dubin: Textile Circularity, Art & Technology

10.07.21 - 15.08.21

Last year, Hytte 68 at Holmegaard Værk was filled with Maria Dubin's large flower canvases in the exhibition Take a Walk in the Park. Now the artist is returning with the project Textile Circularity, Art & Technology.

A year has passed and Maria Dubin is now showing her new works at Holmegaard Værk. Together with Lene Lange, professor of biotechnology at DTU (f), dr.scient. Maria Dubin has developed a number of completely new works based on the recycling of waste textiles.

The cultivation of sharply increasing amounts of cotton takes land from the production of food to a growing population and involves large consumption of water and pesticides. At the same time, the production of clothing often takes place under worrying social conditions. In Denmark, 89,000 tonnes of textiles end up as waste annually. Only 300 tonnes are recycled in Denmark.

80% of textile waste is incinerated, and the EU has therefore banned the incineration of textiles from 1 January 2025. There is an urgent need to develop solutions: What do we do with these mountains of textiles that can no longer be incinerated?

Maria Dubin and Lene Lange want to show that used textiles can be even more beautiful than the new ones were! They will do this through an inspiring collaboration between art and technology. Recycling does not have to be gray in gray and deprivation. Circular use can be chosen because of its beauty - combined with conscious choice of the sustainable solution.

Textile Circularity, Art & Technology can be seen at Holmegaard Værk in the period 10th July - 15th August 2021. Admission to the exhibition is included in the entrance ticket.

The project has received support from the Innovation Fund (Innobooster). The main forces are artist Maria Dubin, curator Catherine Lefebvre and Proff. Lene Lange. Elis / Berendsen Textil Service has donated sorted linen, on which Dubin's works have been printed. Artist and tailor Robert Alex Petersen, who grew up in Fensmark, has sewn the new boiler suits.

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