Exhibition Centre
The Danish Castle Museum's new Exhibition Centre makes for a fascinating experience, both outside and in. The centre was specifically designed to house the new exhibitions, by the architects of Lundgaard and Tranberg, and was carefully conceived to work in harmony with the site's protected ancient monuments.

On the inside, the Exhibition Centre has been decorated by the Norwegian street artist Pøbel. The large graffiti pieces help to emphasize the centre's raw character,  lending the right kind of spirit to this meeting of past and present.

The Exhibition Centre is where you'll find the exhibition, as well as our exciting gift shop and the excellent Castle Restaurant.

The Exhibition
Forget about boring labels and dopey museum staff! At The Danish Castle Centre, authentic finds from the middle ages mix seamlessly with hi-tech presentation, modern design, massive projections and raw architecture. In the exhibition you'll hear histories of medieval castles, power and kings. It is built up around universal themes such as power, alliances, friendships, glory and defeat. The stories are told through selected objects, each of which contributes a unique perspective to the overall narrative. The exhibition is created to be an atmospheric, cinematic experience, reimagining traditional means of presentation to make it relevant to our modern times, for kids and adults alike.

iPad Guide
The key to the exhibition is the Castle Centre's iPad Guide, which every visitor gets the use of when they buy a ticket. The iPad's camera, GPS and screen are used to form the perfect communication environment. The Guide's screen shows explanatory films and animations. More in-depth texts about the individual objects can also be viewed. The iPad is easy to operate, allowing you to make your own particular way through the exhibition.

There's also the option to buy an exhibition catalogue, for taking around with you inside the exhibition and also outside at the ruins. Much of the contents of the iPad can also be found printed in the exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition is staged through projections on the walls. These projections have been developed by video artists from Dark Matters. The purpose of this collaboration has been to develop a new kind of spatial, immersive experience for guests who visit the Castle Centre. These visual pieces support the stories in the exhibition, conveying whatever can't be written or said with words.

A special soundtrack has been developed for the exhibition at the Castle Centre. The soundtrack follows you around in the exhibition, automatically changing according to your movements and where you go. The soundtrack was composed by the composer Rasmus Zwicki, and it interacts with and plays off the exhibition projections.

The soundtrack is not traditional medieval music, but rather a modern interpretation, based around sound effects and electronic music. 
You can control the volume from your Guide, switching it off completely if you prefer.

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