The Ferry hike

Camping Mønbroen (the Møn Bridge Campsite) lies at the spot where a ferry between Møn and Kalvehave used to dock. You can begin your Camøno hike here. You’ll find a campsite as well as a Camøno bench if you just need a rest stop.

Koster Færgegård (Koster Ferryman’s House)
Koster Færgegård was a ferryman’s house for the crossing between Møn and Kalvehave up until 1938 when the Queen Alexandrine bridge was inaugurated. Today you can see the remains of the old ferry berth by the Ferryman’s House.

They have resumed an old production at Koster Færgegård; they grow fresh eelgrass on the west-facing stretches of coast. The seaweed production is mainly sold for the restoration of the old seaweed roofs on Læsø. Did you know that in the old days the dried seaweed was used for, among other things, stuffing mattresses and furniture upholstery?

Damsholte Church 
The Damsholte Church is completely different from the other churches on Møn. It was built in the rococo style about 250 years ago as part of the Marienborg Manor.

Length 8.8 kilometres

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