Exhibitions at Holmegaard Værk

Experience glass blowing demonstrations in the heat of the warm pits in the workshop, international exhibitions, 42.000 pieces of Holmegaard glass and workshops and much more. Holmegaard Værk is a place full of atmospheric experiences for the whole family. and a place for the nation's greatest designers and artists. With a focus on danish design, Holmegaard Værk is a hot spot for business development, education, gastronomy quality cultural experiences.

Louise Hindsgavl 'The Chosen Ones'

Get ready to enter an imaginative universe of modelled stories when Holmegaard Værk in collaboration with artist and ceramist Louise Hindsgavl presents the special exhibition 'The Chosen Ones'

The designer's table

A display of glasses from Holmegaard and the ceramics from Kähler that have been part of the danish table setting through almost 200 years

A live hotshop

Feel the heat of the warm pits as the old hotshop is brought to life with the new generation of glass designers making art of tomorrow

Hall of Hebsgaard

Step into a fantastic, sparkling, glimmering universe of glass art as selected work from Per Steen Hebsgaard are exhibited

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