Exhibitions at Holmegaard Værk

Experience glass blowing demonstrations in the heat of the warm pits in the workshop, international exhibitions, 42.000 pieces of Holmegaard glass and workshops and much more. Holmegaard Værk is a place full of atmospheric experiences for the whole family. and a place for the nation's greatest designers and artists. With a focus on danish design, Holmegaard Værk is a hot spot for business development, education, gastronomy quality cultural experiences.

Museum of the year

In May 2022 Holmegaard Værk received the award as museum of the year in Europe at 'European Museum of the Year Awards'.

Holmegaard Værk received the award for its work in preserving the local cultural heritage while creating a focal point for art and creativity in close interaction with the surrounding community.

More experiences

The experience at Holmegaard Værk already starts before you enter the glassworks itself - like a soft border around the works lies the unique glass city. In the Glass Atelier you can be designer for a day and decorate glass with beautiful motives. At the shop, you can buy unique art and craft - items which have been made at Holmegaard Værk by world class designers. You can also buy traditional items from Holmegaard and Kähler, as well as books and merchandise. 

Hungry for more?

At Holmegaard Restaurant, you have the time to settle, and take in all the atmospheric experiences of the day while enjoying elegant danish cuisine.

The whole restaurant is framed in a classic danish cultural tone to give a coherent experience.

Visit Holmegaard Værk

We look forward to welcoming you at our museum.

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