In the Middle Ages, castles were the key to power. Kings, noblemen and the Church built castles all over Europe to defend themselves and their interests. An to show their power to the world. Castles were not just fortifications. They also were the king's advanced post sending a clear signal to every possible enemy: This is my realm!

Visit the largest castle of the kings 

Vordingborg was the largest castle of the king. A cornerstone in the defence of Denmark and of the king's power. Here, kings like Valdemar the Great, Valdemar the Conqueror and Valdemar Atterdag reigned.

Today, only the Goose Tower and the southern ring wall are visible. On the ruins of the once so powerful royal castle, the Danish Castle Centre is situated now. In a newly built, underground exhibition building packed with modern technology, artistic installations and with specially composed music, an evocative experience awaits you.

At the Danish Castle Centre, we tell the history of one of the central castles in Danish history, right where it all happened. In the exhibitions, you can come close to the kings and the many traces left behind by centuries of power, elite, commerce, political and military fights.

Hours worth of entertainment and exploration 

The Danish Castle Centre is a digital experience centre for the whole family. You can customize your experience about medieval castles, kings, and power with the iPad guide lent to you after you purchase your ticket. You can listen to the stories about the unique exhibits. There are hours of entertainment for the whole family. Children and adults alike can explore the history and chase scary ghosts and monsters all over the castle ground.

Follow the stairs up in the iconic landmark of Vordingborg, the Goose Tower. The best-preserved medieval tower in Scandinavia. The entrance to the tower is includes in the ticket. Inside the tower, you can experience the castle and see Vordingborg castle as it looked like in the 1360s.

We look forward to welcoming you 

Our frontline staff is one of the most praised in the museum sector. They will always meet you positively, give you a thorough introduction, and be ready with help and guidance.

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please contact us via e-mail or by sending us a message on Facebook.

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