The experience at Holmegaard Værk

The Nordic region's new museum for crafts and design

Get ready to be blown away by live glassblowers, be mesmerized by world-class glass art, explore 42,000 pieces of Holmegaard glass and 6,000 pieces of Kähler ceramics and experience top-class international exhibitions.

In the beautiful surroundings of southern Zealand, just a stone's throw from Næstved, the old Holmegaard Glassworks opens its doors to a world of design, craftsmanship and history.

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Glassblowers at Holmegaard Works

In the glass workshop you can get up close to the life of a glassworker when the museum's skilled glassblowers are ready to blow your mind with spectacular glass productions every day from 10.00 - 16.00.

Here you can experience what it looks like when the hot, liquid material is shaped and transformed into glass before your very eyes - a sight to behold.

The glass workshop collaborates with both national and international artists and designers, as well as making their own productions for Holmegaard Værks design shop.

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Become a designer for a day at Holmegaard Værk

In the Creative Glass Studio you can become a designer for a day and decorate glass with beautiful motifs.

You can try working with templates based on the many motifs in the sample collection and Holmegaard Moses' rich animal and plant life, or create unique designs on your own.

Our skilled hosts are ready to help you get the materials right and show you the sandblasting and engraving machines that are also used in the glass industry.

Open all weekends and weekdays during school holidays and public holidays all year round from 11:00 - 15:30.

Go for a walk in the scenic Holmegaard Mose

Learn about Holmegaard Mose and the idyllic glass town, hunt for resurrected Stone Age animals in the game 'Beast Hunt' and experience a brand new art installation by danish artist Bjørn Magnussen.

On the edge of Holmegaard Værk lies the idyllic glass town and the scenic Holmegaard Mose. Both are home to a wealth of stories and tales about everything from past settlements to myths about bog creatures, archaeological finds, peat extraction and much more.

In a brand new and free experience initiative created in collaboration with the Nordea Foundation, you can look forward to exploring five fascinating audio routes filled with exciting and captivating stories from Holmegaard Mose and Glasbyen.

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Discover the historic glass city

Like a soft edge around Holmegaard Works lies the unique Glass Village. This is where the workers have lived since the very first productions of the factory to be close to the glass furnaces.

A glassmaker's working hours begin when the glass reaches the right temperature, and in the beginning, that temperature was not easy to control. As a result, glassmakers risked being called out to work around the clock.

For practical reasons, the first workers' housing was immediately built right next to the glassworks. The majority of the workforce were foreign glassmakers who didn't really mix with the surrounding community, and gradually a small, independent community grew up in the bog, with an inn, grocery store, school and a rich community life.

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Museum of the year in Europe

In May 2022, Holmegaard Værk received the European Museum of the Year Award at the European Museum of the Year Awards in front of 60 other museums from across Europe.

Holmegaard Værk received the award for its work to preserve the local cultural heritage while creating a focal point for art and creativity in close interaction with the surrounding community.

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