The Experience

Welcome centre

When you arrive at our container centre, you will look down upon what was once the Borgring Viking Castle from the viewing platform, which is six metres above the ground. Here, you can buy tickets and start your tour of the excavations.


The way, in which we present the enormous ring castle, will help you imagine just how impressive a construction it was. You will not merely encounter a hole in the ground, but a spectacular monument to one of the largest constructions of the Viking age.

360* video

Join us on a 360-degree video tour of the world of archaeology and the Viking age. Guests are not usually permitted to enter the excavations, but our app will give you the feeling of experiencing them first hand.

Virtual reality experience

Included in the price of your ticket is a pair of compact Virtual Reality glasses for your mobile telephone. These glasses will give you the sense that the Borgring Viking Castle is suddenly right in front of you. We have recreated the ring Castle for you, so you can travel back in time and take a look around.

Discoveries from the Viking age

In the container centre, you can see an exhibition of beautiful and rare artefacts from the Viking age. In our smartphone app, archaeologist Jens will tell you you about the objects, all of which were discovered close to the Viking Castle.

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