Restaurant Holmegaard and Café Kähler

Holmegaard Værk has two excellent places to eat. Try the museum's Café Kähler, located in the immediate extension of the exhibition building at Holmegaard Værk. Here you can satisfy your hunger or coffee/cake cravings with a spectacular view of the museum's impressive Kähler collection of more than 6,000 unique ceramic treasures.

If you want to pamper yourself and your taste buds even more, we recommend a visit to Restaurant Holmegaard, located just a stone's throw from Holmegaard Værk. Located in the idyllic old brewhouse, you can experience what it tastes like when Nordic design meets stringent elegance in a jumble of flavors and colors. Here the prawns are hand-peeled, the mayonnaise is homemade and the bread is baked from scratch.

Enjoy your meal!

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