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At the heart of Vordingborg lies the recognised museum 'The Danish Castle Centre', which consists of the largest medieval royal castle in Denmark 'Vordingborg Castle', which was built in 1160 by the danish king Valdemar the Great, and the 36 meters tall 'Gåsetårn' built 200 years later by another danish king called Valdemar, the famous Valdemar Atterdag. 

The queens reclaim their power

Experience the current exhibition 'Queens of power' on power, murder, intrigues and alliances presented in collaboration with Jim Lyngvild.

With the exhibition 'Queens of power' The Danish Castle Center brings forward seven powerful queens and their stories and show why these queens are part of the history.

Queens of power

The city of Vordingborg is widely known as the city of kings, however with the current exhibition 'Queens of power', The Danish Castle Center address the history of the queens and their role in battles of power and the castle. They were not just beautiful accessories to their kings, the queens also had great power and made decisions that also gave them blood on their hands.

Walk in the footsteps of power

The story of the castle ruin of Vordingborg already starts when you catch the first glimpse of the Goose Tower. The iconic tower with the golden goose on top can be seen from a long distance. It is 650 years old and the only thing of the original medieval castle left above ground.

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