Hall of Hebsgaard

A sparkling and shimmering universe of glass art

Enter a fantastic, sparkling, glittering universe of glass art when Per Steen Hebsgaard shows selected works from his many years as a glazier with an artistic twist.

It is Hebsgaard's hands that bring glass works by luminaries such as Per Kirkeby and Bjørn Nørgaard to life. He is the artists' preferred craftsman, and the works range from small glass dishes to large paintings and sculptures with a splash of form and color.

Per Steen Hebsgaard is Holmegaard Works' doctor glass

Per Steen Hebsgaard, better known as 'Doctor Glass', is a master in his field and a pioneering craftsman who, together with a number of the country's most recognized artists, has created a legacy of wondrous, fascinating and amazing glass works.

Per Steen Hebsgaard's journey began as a glazier, and already in 1967 he was honored with a bronze medal for his expertise. His dedication and artistic skills led him to achieve the silver medal in the craftsmanship test in 1975, and his contribution to the art world was further recognized when he was awarded the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medal in 2009.

Not only is Per Steen Hebsgaard an icon in glass art, he also shares his knowledge as a visiting professor at both the Stockholm School of Art and the Copenhagen Art Academy.

The widespread recognition of Per Steen Hebsgaard's talent culminated in his appointment as a Knight of the Order of Dannebrog in 2019, honoring his extraordinary contribution to Danish culture and art.

Doctor Glass' glass works not only tell the story of a unique artist, but also of a dedicated craftsman, whose passion and talent have shaped Holmegaard Værk into a magical place where art and tradition meet in a beautiful interplay.

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