Museum Sydøstdanmark 

Museum Sydøstdanmark is a cultural-historical museum which handles the archeology and cultural-historical preservation in the surroundings of Køge, Næstved, Vordingborg, Greve, Solrød, Stevns and Faxe. 

At the Museum of southeast Denmark our focus is to create value for the local cultural heritage.


Feel the heat from the warm pits as the old hotshop is brought to life with the new generation of glass designers making art of tomorrow.

Watch and learn how glas is made, as a crew of skilled glassworker demonstrates the processes of art-craftsmanship in a new modern hotshop. They fire up the warm pits of Holmegaard Værk and beautifully honors the traditions of glass blowing.

The heat of the art-craftmanship

With the live hotshop we bring back the heat of the art-craftmanship - with respect for a place that for almost 200 years has been a workplace for generations and generations of glassworkers. They are the ones who tell the stories in small podcasts that you can listen to, while your eyes can be captivated by enchanting light installations and alluring animations. You can also see how glass is made. 

The queens reclaim their power

Experience the current exhibition 'Queens of power' on power, murder, intrigues and alliances presented in collaboration with Jim Lyngvild.

With the exhibition 'Queens of power' The Danish Castle Center brings forward seven powerful queens and their stories and show why these queens are part of the history.

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