Creative workshops

In the Glass Atelier you can be designer for a day and decorate glass with beautiful motives. You can try working with templates, which derive in the sample collection's many motives and Holmegaard Bogs abundant animal and plant life, or create completely unique design on your own. Our team is ready to help you make the materials work properly and to show you the sandblasting and engraving machines, which also are used in the real glass industry.

In the Ceramics Atelier you can be inspired by the beautifully decorated tiles and pots in the Kähler exhibition and create your own designs by painting on porcelain items. You also gain an insight into production techniques and embossing surfaces with stamping techniques, binding together the creative activities with the exhibited works.

In our Glass and Ceramics ateliers, we work with materials enabling you to take you creations home with you the same day. You pay in the workshop with prices from 65 DKK depending on what you choose to make.

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