Come close to the life at Holmegaard and get blown away by the history of Denmark's first, last and only existing glassworks. This is the place where iconic glass items like the Provence bowl, the Ship's Glass range, the Lotus candle holder, and the Blixen vase were conceived, shaped and born.

Holmegaard Værk – Art for Everyone

Holmegaard Værk is Denmark's new hot spot for art-craftsmanship and tradition, where we tell the past as inspiration for the future. In the beautiful surroundings of South Zealand on the brink of Holmegaard Bog, the old Holmegaard Glassworks opens its doors into a world of design, art-craftsmanship and history. In a partnership between museum, municipality and the cultural life, we raise Danish design tradition to a level where it has not been since the 1950s and 1960s. And by focusing on the good art-craftsmanship and the innovative design, we fan an industry that has been extinct since Holmegaard Glassworks closed down in 2008.

A World of Design, Art-Craftsmanship and History

When Holmegaard Glassworks had to close down, the works was abandoned and left cold and quiet. Now, life is back. With respect for the original glassworks, we invite you into a world of tradition, art-craftsmanship and beautiful visions. We take you back to the artists' drawing boards, where ingenious ideas became beautiful lines, and back to the heat around the large tank furnace, where the ideas with diligence and precision were called into existence. The stories are told by those, who were there – in podcasts, you can take home with you and listen to again and again. Learn about a workplace, where a son follows in his father's footsteps, and where hard labour, stubbornness and curiosity pay off. About Denmark's greatest glass artists who catapult Holmegaard and Danish glass far out into every corner of the world. And about learning to master the material – the unruly, unapproachable glass that becomes an obsession for those who try anyway.

Take home your own unique piece

Prepare to have all senses brought into play when you visit Holmegaard Værk. Besides offering podcasts for your ears, we have enveloped the glassworks in the most beautiful light installations and animations, which will make your heart beat a little faster. We invite you to try your own skills with both glass and ceramics in our vivacious workshops. A team of skilled artist-craftsmen are ready to demonstrate the many possibilities in the materials and to help you create your very own unique piece to take home.

Explore the temporary and permanent exhibitions of the most enchanting glass art that can take the breath away from the most, and tilt your head back while a seven metres high shelf filled with glass art from Holmegaard's entire history rises before your eyes.

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