Even more nice rest stops

There has been a lot of consideration to the location of the Camøno rest stop – even so there are still many nice places to enjoy a break between the official stops if the journey gets to long. The Camøno trail passes right by the following spots – just check the map!

In Borre the local gathering place is called Østerpol and it has its own unique story. Just drop by – we know the locals are expecting you and might invite you to camp out in their back yard or join in their activities.

Just call ahead for a lunch box and a garden
If you call ahead, the local store Brugsen in Borre will provide you with a freshly made lunch box to go – or what other snacks you might need.

In Borre you can also find a privat garden rewarded as the most beautiful in Denmark 2015. The owners Hans and Keld has a nice B&B and offers wanderings in their garden. They even let hikers stay overnight in their beautiful pavilion – just call ahead.

Even though it is hard to imagine Keldby was a thriving port city in the Middle Ages and the church was located on the highest point in the city. Join in on a local pilgrimage and learn more about the churches.

Projekthuset Østerpol 
Klintevej 335 
DK-4791 Borre

A nice village park. In the village of Elmelunde you find a green spot, a small village park open for all. The locals have done a great job preparing this area for a rest and welcomes hikers. A really nice stop.

Silence in great rooms
The churches along the Camøno are open for hikers. Some like Stege Church have established special areas for peace and contemplations for hikers, the churches of Keldby and Elmelunde arrange for open air worship and on the Island of Nyord you can shrug of your worries when you leave a berry of juniper in the little jar by the baptismal font in the church.

Learn more about the propositions of the churches online.





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