The Ruins
The Danish Castle Centre's biggest attraction is Gåsetårnet, and the 3.7 hectare castle ruins. Access to the castle ruins is free. If you'd like to get the most out of them, however, we recommend that you buy an entry ticket to The Danish Castle Centre. Along with the ticket you get the use of an iPad Guide, which can be used both inside the exhibition and outside in the castle grounds.

Gåsetårnet - 'The Goose Tower'
Gåsetårnet is The Danish Castle Centre's oldest feature. The tower was built in the 1360s by Valdemar Atterdag, also known as Valdemar the Great, and has been Vordingborg's greatest landmark ever since. Right at the very top of Gåsetårnet, the Golden Goose keeps watch over Vordinborg. When you climb up inside the tower, it's a genuine medieval experience. You'll make your way up the narrow stairs, higher and higher into the tower, until stepping out onto the tower's highest platform, where you can stand in exactly the same spot that Valdemar the Great's soldiers once stood, keeping lookout for the enemy. Inside, you'll find out the entire history of the tower, and discover why it's called Gåsetårnet - 'The Goose Tower'.

iPad Guide
With the iPad Guide, which comes free with the ticket, you can also go exploring in the castle ruins. The Guide tells stories and shows films and animations when you approach exciting places in the ruins. It is also equipped with advanced Augmented Reality technology, as well as the game of Ghost Hunt.

There's also the option to buy an exhibition catalogue, to take around with you inside the exhibition and outside at the ruins. Much of the contents of the iPad can also be found printed in the exhibition catalogue.

Augmented Reality
The Castle Centre's iPad Guide allows you to investigate Denmark's biggest royal castle. With Augmented Reality technology, it's possible to see and explore what the castle would have looked like in the middle ages. Go hunting for traces of old castle gates, ingenious traps and dramatic events.

The Game of Ghost Hunt
Try out the action game Ghost Hunt, where you must catch spooks and supernatural creatures from the middle ages - if you dare!

In collaboration with Jeppe Nygaard and the VFX company Ghost, we've developed a virtual game universe for the Castle Centre all about catching 'monsters' at the castle. Our stock of monsters is inspired by the fabled historical animals and mythical creatures that people believed in, back in the middle ages.

A special soundtrack has been developed for the Castle Centre exhibition and the castle ruins. The soundtrack was composed by the composer Rasmus Zwicki. It is not traditional medieval music, but rather a modern interpretation, based around sound effects and electronic music. You can control the volume from your Guide, switching if off completely if you prefer.

Exhibition Pavilions
In the two exhibition pavilions on the castle grounds, we describe the most recent archaeological studies at the castle, displaying many of the excellent archaeological finds. The first excavation at Vordingborg was carried out in 1889. Since that time there have been many excavation campaigns, each time adding a new piece of the puzzle to the history of the castle ruins.

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