King Asger’s hike

Fanefjord Church is located close to one of Denmark’s largest long barrows, Grønsalen (The Green Hall) from the Neolithic period from 3,500 years B.C. In a legend, it is said that King Grøn (Green), who ruled on West Møn and his wife Fane are buried in the 102-metre-long barrow.

Local activists
Hårbølle Huset (Hårbølle House) was established in what was once a small grocery store. Today it’s a cultural hotspot with art exhibits, a summer café, concerts and lectures.

Damme-Askeby is one of Denmark’s longest villages. Many of its houses and buildings have been repurposed, but if you look closely, you can still see indications of their original use.  

Præstebjerg Grusgrav (The Præstebjerg Gravel Pit)
Layers of gravel were deposited here by melting water at the end of the Ice Age. You can see similar layers in the cliffs along the coast. Don’t try climbing up the sides – it’s dangerous!

Kong Asgers Høj (King Asger’s Mound)
Single-chamber passage grave with a great view from the top. A few years ago, the rare cave spider was found living inside the chamber. Please leave it alone in its little hideaway.

Length 27.3 kilometres

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