The Borre shortcut

This alternate route gives you the opportunity for a day of shopping in the village of Borre. Here you can experience the thriving village up close with a local grocery store with a farmacy, a ceramicist, a hard candystore and several thrift and antique shops. There is a church with room for peace and reflections, water, toilets and a busconnection to either Stege, Klintholm or Møns Klint.

There are many local initiatives in Borre – a youth gathering place, ‘Østerpol’ and a sculpture park for those with a cultural interest.If you call ahead the local store Brugsen in Borre will provide you with a freshly made lunch box to go.

From here the route turns south out into the countryside where you can truly enjoy the peace and quiet and great views while overlooking open fields towards the southern shore. Maybe stay a night in an open shelter.

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