The Cliff hike

From Pension Elmehøj (the Elmehøj Guesthouse), this route leads back inland. In the distance you can see Møns Klint. On the path towards the water you’ll find wild thyme as well as edible sea kale and sea rocket.
Borre Mose (Borre Bog)
500 years ago, the water here went all the way to and around Borre town, which was a large town with a municipal charter.

Borre Church is located on the town’s highest point. The fjord sanded-up over time so only small boats could sail into the town. In 1922 work started to drain the area for agriculture.Cup sculptures
The Sømarke Cairn is a round barrow best known for its cup sculptures. On the capstones at the entrance to the cairn are innumerable little cup-shaped depressions. These cup sculptures are the simplest and most common type of rock carving, created in the Bronze Age almost 3000 years ago. 
Liselund Park and Castle
The County Governor of Møn, Antoine Calmette, decided to create a park in 1783 and purchased this area for it. A wave of romanticism was washing over Europe at the time. Key words of the age include: emotion, premonition, heart, infatuation and back to nature. See if you can feel these sentiments in this romantic park, the best-preserved of its kind in the world.

Length 16.9 kilometres

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