The Elmelunde shortcut

This is a North-south bound shortcut, and there are several facilities to enjoy on the way. The village park in Elmelunde, a B&B in Keldby, the Elmelunde Church and surrounding area and a Camøno rest stop Pension Elmehøj where you can gather provisions and stay the night.

In Elmelunde there is a city guild lead by an alderman. The guild gathers the local citizens for local events and important decisions. In collaboration with local authoritys they have created a local city park and renovated the old pumphouse next to the fire pond even though today the fire pond is no longer used for firefighting - instead it is a habitat for frogs and water insects. In time there will be an orchard and a simple shelter as well.

Elmelunde Church
The Elmelunde Church is the oldest stone church on Møn, and it is renowned for its lime-based paintings by the The Elmelunde Master. Go check them out for yourself! In earlier times the location of the church was center for pagan worshipping.

The church itself has been expanded over time. On the southside of the church you can see a piece of the original stone church. It is a herringbone pattern made of different materials.

A Bronze Age mound bears witness to the meaning of this place as an important sacred place throughout time. From the top of the mound, you can enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea and the entire Island of Møn. With good reason the church has been a beacon for sailors!

The Camonø Stop Pension Elmehøj
Opposite the church you find a guesthouse – the Pension Elmehøj which is also an official Camøno rest stop. Here you can get a meal and stay the night – perhaps play or rest in the gardens. Here you will be welcomed by the owner Brit.

Going on along Sønder Landevej you will find Hyllested Ceramics. Visit Bjarne and his companions on the farm as they offer lots of events but please call ahead, you will find them on the Camøno map.

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