The Juniper Berry hike

The Juniper Berry hike begins at the Møn Museum, where you can prepare for your hike. Remember to take a look at the display for this area before you head out.

Stege Vold (Stege Embankment) 
The gate takes you out to Stege Embankment; Denmark’s best-preserved ramparts. In the Middle Ages, the moat was a stinking hole full of rubbish and dead livestock. Later, it became a fashionable promenade park.
Hyldevang (Elderberry Field)
A dirt road takes you to Hyldevang, where you can spend the night in a shelter. You’ll find a scent garden, a playground, a little star exhibit and a wheelchair-accessible bird watching tower.Nyord
Nyord Village with its farmhouses and fishing huts is a no-go zone for cars. At the harbour is a Camøno rest stop with a great view. A visit to Nyord is a good way to see what villages looked like in the old days. 
Nyord Church
This is a pilgrim church. Here you can shrug off your worries when you put the juniper berry you picked on Ulvshale Heath into the little jar by the baptismal font.

Lenght 15,4 kilometres


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