The Milky Way hike

Here you’ll see the most beautiful starscape in Denmark. 
The Cliff must be experienced, its stairs conquered and the ­Geo­Center thoroughly explored. You’ll know more about the birth of Denmark after a visit here.

Høvblege is a hillcrest where chalk bleeds through a thin covering of earth. Many orchids grow here, and in June the entire hill is dressed in light blue. Høvblege is also the habitat of the rare butterfly known as the large blue. Remember not to touch the flowers and butterflies. On a clear day you can see Germany from here.  
Klintholm havn (Klintholm Harbour)
Since the Middle Ages, fishing has been important for Møn. Many local farmers were ocean farmers who sought to make a living from the sea as well as from the land. East of the harbour is a nice, sandy beach. Klintholm Havn is also a Camøno rest stop.

Lenght 12.4 kilometres

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