The Museum hike

Enjoy the serenity of the park-like grounds, where the Camøno bench and Damsholte Observatory are also located. Make an appointment and experience the Dark Sky with the Observatory’s telescope. Don’t forget NyGammelsø’s delicious and hearty packed lunch when you continue your hike.

Rødkilde højskole
Built around 1865 as one of the uniquely Danish “højskoler” (folk schools), this institution has also served as nursing school. Today it’s a folk school focusing on theatre and film.

Jordbassinerne (the Soil Basins)
Behind Stege Sukkerfabrik (Stege Sugar Factory) is a unique protected natural area created from soil that was washed off the sugar beets. The factory closed in 1989, but today there are a number of smaller companies in the old buildings.

Mølleporten (The Mill Gate)
Once there were three gates into the town, but the Mill Gate is the only one that still exists. It was built in the late 1400’s and town gates, the embankment and the moat was a part of the town’s fortifications. There is a hotspot by the embankment where you can see how the Mill Gate looked in the Middle Ages.

Møns Museum
The Møn Museum and the Camøno belong to each other – meaning that this is where your pilgrimage begins. Tourist information is available here, not to mention displays that provide extra background for your trip. Beginning in the autumn of 2016, you can also spend the night here in the museum’s city shelter.

Length 10,9 kilometres


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