The Windmill hike

For the town of Hårbølle, the flint stones that wash ashore from rockslides at Møns Klint were once an important source of income. The same goes for fishing. When you take a seat on the Camøno bench and gaze out over the water, you might see the fishermen sail in and land their eels.

Fanefjord Kirke (Fanefjord Church)
The church is high and towers over the landscape. Inside the Elmelunde master painted the finest murals describing life on Møn 500 years ago, Earth’s creation and doomsday.

How now, brown cow?
Orchids grow in the meadow across from the church in May, June and July. It’s OK to take a walk there – you’ll find a little stairway and some gates that you can use. But watch out for the curious heifers. They need to be left alone.

Mind the causeway! (The Bogø Causeway)
Bogødæmningen is gorgeous, but be careful. It’s also an important highway between Bogø and Møn, and traffic moves fast. You can get across with a bus from Frederikshavevej (on the Møn side) and Bogø Hovedgade.

Length 10.3 kilometres

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